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Control Your Website

Evolution is the user-friendly content management system developed by Cyber Leviathan which allows you to take control of your custom website.

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content management system

Use Anywhere

Simply log in to the admin panel from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

User Friendly

Quickly and easily make changes to the content of your website: images, text, video, audio, and even color schemes.

The Control You Need

Whether you require making regular changes to a single paragraph or to all of your content, Evolution is designed to be implemented to your particular needs.

Price: $29.99/month

Secure Communication And File Storage

Cyber Leviathan Advantage ("CLA") is a web-based application which allows users to have closed circuit communication in real-time, as well as securely store files of all types.

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secure communication and file management system

Secure Access

Every aspect of CLA has been thoroughly tested to protect your important data.

Instant Communication

Originally designed to replace using social media for employers and employees to keep in contact, CLA implements real-time communication. The communication system automatically creates a timestamp for each message sent, and allows for archiving of conversations.

Secure File Storage

Securely store all of your sensitive files and choose which users can retrieve them.

Price: $99.99/month

Contact Forms Made Simple & Efficient

Trident is the application developed by Cyber Leviathan which allows users to your website or landing page to connect with you.

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Trident contact form by Cyber Leviathan

Use With Any Contact Form

Whether your contact form has three input fields or thirty, Trident can be integrated into your website's style of contact form.


Automatically reject form submissions based on senders' names, email addresses, and even specific words used by spammers.

Secure Admin Area

Just log into your Trident admin page to view the information sent to you by visitors to your website or landing page.

Filter Your Data

With built-in filters, it's easy to sort through the information Trident securely stores for you.

Price: $7.99/month

Give your business the advantage with Cyber Leviathan Tech Solutions. Whether you need one of our currently developed apps or something completely custom-made, we have the expertise to deliver positive results for your business.

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